Mikey Chang
Branding / Art Direction / Typography / Print

Best Girl Athlete

Branding / Art Direction / Typography / Print

Branding / Art Direction / Typography / Print

The follow up record from Fit Like Record’s Best Girl Athlete.

Branding, art direction, and layout of the new record, including fantastic photography from George Mackie and Jamie Dyer, respectively. Available to buy in limited edition pink splatter vinyl, compact disc and digital download from www.fitlikerecords.bandcamp.com

The record was shortlisted for the 2018 Say (Scottish Album of the Year) Award, amongst contemporaries such as Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai and Young Fathers to name a few.

"Written prior to reaching the age of eighteen alongside her musician father, Charley, here Katie establishes herself as a mature singer-songwriter with a creative vision that not only surpasses expectations but confirms the young musician as a prominent and original talent with a host of admirers including Richard Hawley and Simone Felice.

A collection of songs that each tells a story and makes a connection to the individual, Best Girl Athlete brings together an eclectic range of influences, bridging pop with elements of folk, electronic and Americana whilst drawing on themes of melancholia, abandonment and fear but with a message of resilience and hope for the future, rendering it refreshingly difficult to pigeonhole into just one genre. From the Mark Ronson-esque horns of ‘In Your Head’, the dark, swaying Americana of Vetiver on ‘Sometimes’, the fusion of soulful melodies and Katie’s assured vocal juxtaposed with the fast-paced rap of Jack Hughes on ‘Baby Come Home’, to the up-tempo, electronic, anti-establishment themed ‘In The Morning’, and the soaring and uplifting strings of single ‘Lucy’ offering cinematic pop reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, each track offers something different from the last.

Best Girl Athlete has been born out of the non-conventional manner in which many people now consume music; collecting individual offerings, rather than whole albums. Consequently each song here stands alone as a single offering with lyrically intriguing, musically accomplished depth that will draw on audiences from across the board."