Mikey Chang: Graphic Designer



Hiya Chiels.

I'm a multi-disciplined, award winning, and quite freakishly long-armed graphic design professional based in Aberdeen, Scotland. For the past eight years or so, I’ve crafted record sleeves, posters, ideograms, brands and logos for start ups, bands & artists.

If you wish to contact me regarding poster commissions, LP/EP/CD/DL artwork, or any other creative project, then gies a shout. I'm here to help after all.

Thanks for checking out my work.


I own Fitlike Records and have worked with Mike in various capacities over a number of years, most recently on the band Best Girl Athlete album campaign. Whilst Mike undoubtedly has a unique and distinct style to his work, his ability to interpret and understand others ideas, whilst providing distinction and without compromising the essence of the product has been vital to our continuing relationship. However, Mike has been equally adept at providing design options based on very specific sets of requirements, a particularly sought after combination of skills which I will no doubt continue to be drawn to for future label projects. Professional, approachable and always hits the mark, could not recommend any higher.

Charley Buchan,
Fitlike Records